This has really been a day. I thought I was going to do something completely different with it, but then nothing turned out as planned.

I’m not really a big one for planning, and that’s probably one of my biggest shortcomings. I just tend to take the days as they come. I’m sure there are people that think that’s a pretty Zen-like existence, but I assure you, it’s almost totally lazy. Welcome to my life of unproductivity.

I’m sitting here at the dining room table, listening to the cars go by on Washington. It’s getting late for there to be that much traffic. I wonder if there’s something going on?

I haven’t been out all day, and that’s not so hot either. I have a deal made with myself. I’m not allowed to say it’s a bad day until I’ve gotten dressed and gone for a walk. That was really hard this winter when it was so cold. I haven’t gotten to the point yet today of saying it’s a bad day, but I can hardly say it’s one of my better ones.

I was going to go out this evening, and I was really looking forward to it, because I was actually hoping that the novelty would make me forget about my nausea for a few hours. (It could be worse, trust me. I haven’t thrown up yet today. Tiny yay…) Unfortunately, everything was cancelled and so I’m stuck here.

On the bright side, I get to do this blog article. I’m not sure I like this free writing technique, because I just feel like I’m rambling. This link-up doesn’t have a topic; just write about what’s going on around me while I’m writing. I think that seems more interesting when you have several little ones crawling around on the carpet at your feet, playing with blocks and dolls. Here, it’s just me and the cat–who is sleeping. Real excitement, no?

I want things to be different in my life. I guess that’s why the doctor is giving me more Lithium. No one’s life can be this tedious. At least I’m not watching television.


I’m linking up with Heather over at the Extraordinary Ordinary for her Free Write Tuesdays. I decided to write for ten minutes, but there’s no real parameters. (Read about it here.) Today’s group is here.

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18 March 2014 8:14 pm

Worst. Posting. EVER! This is not blog-worthy writing and if I hadn’t said I’d try to write every day in Lent…

Gah! Will have to do better tomorrow!


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